iRacing 2018 Bathurst 12hr Race Report

10th February 2018 by Simon Underhill
Category: Endurance
Drivers: Barry Baird Tony Baird Bart Daelman Ryan D Walker Simon Underhill

WINNERS of the 2018 iRacing Bathurst 12hr, NOMAD Sim Racing Team Black.

After starting in pole, we had the best chance for our first win at what would be a very difficult race.

Simon Underhill took the drivers seat from the green flag but was soon being challenged by 2nd place on lap 1 into The Chase. After an initial bit of rubbing, 3rd and 4th managed to squeeze through dropping Simon back to 3rd. Numerous laps later, Simon had caught the back marker Porsche 991 Cup cars and got held up, allowing 4th and 5th to catch up. It was then 5th place decided he wanted to barge his way passed and booom, big clout to the side of the car resulting in some damage, enough to effect top end speed.

By the time Simon had finished his double stint, the car was in 6th position and it was time to hand the car over to Ryan Walker. Ryan doing a sterling job to keep the car away from any more incidents with both the wall and other cars. By the time Ryan had finished his double stint, we were in 7th position.

Time for Simon to get back into the car and it was from here, somehow, we managed to find our car moving up the table, to the point of handing the car to Barry Baird, we had popped into 1st spot.

Barry, the quickest driver on the team then manages to gain a lap on every car up to 2nd place, this was starting to look like a win. Some fantastic driving for Barrys double stint meant it was Ryans turn to take the wheel.

Again Ryan showing some real consistency he continued to head the pack but it was getting obvious now that 2nd place were catching back up with their new driver at the wheel. The team decision was made to bring Barry back for a last double stint.

Catching back up to 2nd place and playing a very sensible game of patience, Barry brings the car home to take the chequered flag and the first endurance win for NOMAD Sim Racing.

Fantastic team work throughout this race, from the setup work and practice laps, right through to the 12th hour. Every team member can be proud this race and it shows what team NOMAD Sim Racing is all about.

NOMAD Sim Racing Team White finished in 6th place. Qualifying on Pole we had high hope for our first win like NOMAD Sim Racing Black. Bart Daelman started for us and held on to the lead for a number of laps until an unfortunate collision in The Chase dropped us down to 22nd.

While on a recovery Bart unfortunately encountered a spinning Porsche which unfortunately he couldn't miss and caused our first repair in the pits.

Time for Tony Baird to take over after the repairs and half way through his stint again an encounter with a Porsche left us with another 11mins of repairs resulted in being 11 laps down.

However, the team didn't give up and persisted in trying to get at least a top 10 placing. Collin Stark took over to stabilise the ship and progress started to be made.

After 12hrs and a lot of heartache, the team, through pure grit and determination managed to secure a 6th spot, clawing our way up from 22nd.

Absolutely great results by both teams.

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