'Mechanicals' aplenty in VLN round 2

7th April 2019 by Ryan D Walker
Category: Endurance
Drivers: Ryan D Walker

Event Link: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/EventResult.do?&subsessionid=26670890&custid=92937

I got up early today to do the VLN race as I'd stupidly clicked on qualifying again on Saturday. I had done a qualifying time of 7.53.xxx but the fast guys were down in the low 40's.

As I was warming up some mechanical issues arose, my PC decided to shut down with just 3 minutes left until the start of the race. I restarted and got back in session. I'd missed start of race but wasn't too bothered as I probably missed the carnage!

More issues though as halfway round the first lap my PC restarted again. I booted up once more and rejoined this time not streaming to media channels.

After that it was a pretty uneventful race for me, I made up a bit of time double stinting tires, but made most of my positions from others crashing out. I made a few mistakes mainly off tracks and a few slides but nothing serious. Traffic was surprisingly good and no issues getting through it.

Onto round 3 which will be on the 20th of April. This is 2 weeks before the 24 Hrs of Nurburgring so will be the start of team prep for that race. Hopefully the Green Hell doesn't bite too hard.

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