This won't be the longest write-up we've ever had...

Team Green: Out after a few hours after a mechanical failure of Owen's wheel at the beginning of his first stint.
Team Black: Out after a few hours after an incorrect setup ended up on the car which was undriveable.

Here's Ryan's take on our by far most successful entry to this years Le Mans:

"I took over the car for my first stint in the early evening. Adam had gained us a few positions and the car was still in tip top condition. I settled in and was able to enjoy my first session with no incidents. Adam then took over again as the sun was setting and drove to the darkening night.

My second session started at dawn. By now we were in the top 3 positions. It was more of the same keeping consistent laps. I had a near miss coming into Indianapolis as another HPD caught the GTEs in front of us. Some heavy braking and going wide to the edge of the track avoided any accident.

My final session was to bring the car home. Adam had got us up to second place, a lap ahead of third place. It was all going well until radio interference at Maison Blanche with an hour to go caused me to lose control and take an excursion into the wall. I pitted and had 9 minutes of repairs. This put us down to fourth place.

I had to pit again for a splash and dash right at the end of the race to come home in fourth. A bittersweet result after a great effort from all involved. It was fun nevertheless and looking forward to our next race at Watkins Glen."

As Ryan said, bring on the next race at Watkins Glen!

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