New Sponsor: Cube Controls

8th March 2018 by Jason Dilworth
Category: Team

On the back of the success of a win at the 2018 Bathurst 12hr Endurance, NOMAD Sim Racing made the decision to appoint a new member of the Admin Team and welcomes Tony Baird as Sponsorship Co-ordinator.

Since his appointment, Tony has been able to secure NOMAD Sim Racing’s first sponsor in CUBE Controls. For those who have not had the pleasure in experiencing their product, here is an intro from their website:-


High performance and Italian quality for a precise control of your car

Cube Controls Formula Steering Wheel is the latest in state-of-the-art sim racing equipment, a high-end product that will allow you to race with unprecedented skills. Born from the experience and the expertise of passionate minds, Cube Controls Formula Steering Wheel is dedicated to all those who have always wished complete freedom of the device’s customization.

Find out more about them here: Cube Controls

We'd like to publicly thank Cube Controls for their support, and look forward to carrying the logo on our liveries.

Speaking of liveries, NOMAD Sim Racing Admin have taken the decision to modify it’s primary colour to open up more opportunities of available similar clothing colours to further enable marketing potential and future Team Wear. Therefore the original teal colour has been slightly modified and is now more aligned to a deep cyan colour as you can see on our updated colours around this website.

We see these as a positive step toward becoming a more globally recognised team within the sim racing network.

Thanks for your continued support and we will hopefully see you on track. Hopefully in our mirrors!

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