NOMAD drivers successful in WGTC Season 6 Qualifiers

28th June 2019 by Simon Underhill
Category: League
Drivers: Barry Baird Tony Baird Jason Dilworth Niklas Hjelm Simon Underhill

Tonight NOMAD have had confirmation of successful entries into Season 6 of the WGTC (World GT Championship) after a tough and super close Pre-Qualifying week. Simon Underhill, Jason Dilworth, Niklas Hjelm, Tony and Barry Baird all manged to set times enough to finish in the top 60 entrants. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, Ryan Walker was not able to set a time quick enough to make the cut.

In the end, there was only a second covering the top 41 drivers which just shows how tough this week was, but also suggests that when the season starts, its going to make for one hell of a Championship.

Qualifying times below:-

29th Niklas Hjelm - NOMAD Sim Racing White- Ferrari 488 - 1:45.026 (-0.743 off the leader)

31st Barry Baird - NOMAD Sim Racing White - BMW M8 - 1:45.049 (-0.766 off the leader)

39th Tony Baird - NOMAD Sim Racing Black - Ferrari 488 - 1:45.203 (-0.920 off the leader)

43rd Simon Underhill - NOMAD Sim Racing Black - BMW M8 - 1:45.293 (-1.010 off the leader)

48th Jason Dilworth - NOMAD Sim Racing Black - BMW M8 - 1:45.350 (-1.067 off the leader)

We now wait for the PRO and AM split to see which Championship each of us will be fighting for.

WGTC Special Liveries have been made and will be revealed shortly #CarbonColours

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