NOMAD in WGTC - Season 5 - Round 6 Le Mans (Endurance)

25th February 2019 by Simon Underhill
Category: League
Drivers: Barry Baird Jason Dilworth Simon Underhill

Round 6 – Le Mans (2hr Endurance)

This was to be Barry Bairds first race in the WGTC as a Pro contender. Another impressive Qualifying result meant again NOMAD have made their mark. Unfortunately, due to mistakes and driving standards last week, Jason Dilworth, Simon Underhill and Jaime Ayres were all excluded from Qualifying. That said, due to it being a 2hr Endurance Race, it wasn't so important to start near the front.

One key factor this week would be fuel strategy, thinking that 2 stops would be enough, it turned out that unless some saving had taken place, a "Splash and Dash" would be needed at the end of the race.

After a number of race ending incidents for most of the team, it was Simon Underhill that finished 2nd in the AM class taking the points for team NOMAD and ultimately closing in on the top step of the Championship Podium in the AM class.

Race 1 Starting Position Finishing Position Positions Gained/Loss
SU (AM - Team Green) 42 18 +24
JD (AM - Team Green) 34 40 -6
JA (Pro - Team Blue) 35 30 +5
BB (Pro - Team Blue) 6 35 -29

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