NOMAD in WGTC - Season 5 - Round 1 Watkins Glen

14th January 2019 by Simon Underhill
Category: League
Drivers: Bart Daelman Simon Underhill

World GT Championship – Season 5

This season, NOMADs crusade to glory in the WGTC Season 5 comes in the form of three FORD 2017 GTE cars, each with its own unique livery. Simon Underhill, Bart Daelman and guest driver Jaime Ayres battle the field each meet to establish the NOMAD name as well as gain as many points possible in 2 separate classification tables. Pro classification is headed up with Bart and Jaime, whilst Simon competes in the AM class. The format changes from 3 20 minute races to 2 hour Endurance. More detail on the whole Championship can be found at World GT Championship. Each week, an update to the last race will be posted to include a short write up and results for you to keep track on our progress in this well established Championship. If you would like to watch live, each event is Live Streamed via the YouTube channel iRacing eSports YouTube Channel

Round 1 – Watkins Glen – Classic Boot

Overall a mixed race for all of NOMAD, Bart having a poor Race 1 whilst Jaime showed a consistent performance and Simon taking top spot for the NOMADs. The tables turned however in Race 3, Simon having a nightmare whilst Bart having a strong finish.

Race 1 Start Position Finish Position Positions Gained/Loss
SU (AM) 15 12 +3
BD (Pro) 25 DNF -29
JA (Pro) 35 31 +4
Race 2 Start Position Finish Position Positions Gained/Loss
SU (AM) 11 29 +3
BD (Pro) 54 9 +36
JA (Pro) 31 17 +12
Race 3 Start Position Finish Position Positions Gained/Loss
SU (AM) 9 8 -20
BD (Pro) 18 18 +9
JA (Pro) 19 19 +2

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