Ben Empson

Ben Empson


I used to race as a kid in auto test and slalom runs in a mk2 Ford Fiesta. Money was tight so as I grew up it changed over to console racing on all platforms apart from pc: Gran Tourismo and all F1 games, Sega Rally etc…

I bumped into a guy at work one day who loves racing like me and he told me about sim racing (new world to me). I had a go on his rig, after that I was hooked and went out to get my first pc and all the kit needed to start racing.

I currently work overseas half the time so I currently get half time on track and have been fully running about 5 months now and love this sport so much. I think one day id like to race again but this is nearest you can get with the same buzz!

I'm here to improve my driving and work my way up the ladder with a team of guys n gals to socialise with and get involved with some team long distance races to help develop that skill. see you on track... MCRD (Ben)

Latest Results

Here's a few of the latest results Ben has achieved lately in official races:

Race TimeSeriesTrackStartFinishDifference
12/11/2019 13:30NoneSebring International Raceway10100
11/11/2019 22:00VRS GT Sprint SeriesAutódromo José Carlos Pace25250
10/11/2019 17:00VRS GT Endurance SeriesAutódromo José Carlos Pace47481



Wins8 (3%)
Top 593 (30%)
Avg. Incs7.1