Kevin Bolland



I started racing on Forza 4 on Xbox 360 then I moved to Xbox one and raced on Forza 5/6/7.

Later I decided I wanted to do a bit on PC so I got a PC, realised I needed a wheel so I got the thrustmaster TX with the 488 wheel.

I renewed my iracing membership in 2018 and was looking at doing much more and by early 2019 I have raced the 24 hours of Daytona, 12 hours of Bathurst and 12 hours of Sebring. At Sebring I finished 3rd in class in the split i was in and now I have joined NOMAD I am looking at improving as a driver and getting wins.

Latest Results

Here's a few of the latest results Kevin has achieved lately in official races:

Race TimeSeriesTrackStartFinishDifference
30/10/2019 23:00Formula SprintSilverstone Circuit - 20114128
29/10/2019 23:00Formula SprintSilverstone Circuit - 20111578
29/10/2019 22:00Formula SprintSilverstone Circuit - 201111121



Wins18 (5%)
Top 5124 (36%)
Avg. Incs7.0