Phil Gregory

Phil Gregory


I started getting into racing on the xbox 360 with Forza. As soon as I ditched the controller and bought the wireless 360 wheel I was hooked...

So began the evolution of my rig which in turn changed what games I was playing, going backwards and forwards between xbox and PS3 until I decided to build a gaming PC and explore the world of PC gaming. I then stumbled across iRacing – not sure how but I have been hooked ever since. Nothing I have tried can ever come close.

Latest Results

Here's a few of the latest results Phil has achieved lately in official races:

Race TimeSeriesTrackStartFinishDifference
18/03/2019 19:30NoneDonington Park Racing Circuit9134
17/03/2019 18:30NoneDonington Park Racing Circuit1156
16/03/2019 16:30NoneDonington Park Racing Circuit12142



Wins8 (6%)
Top 572 (52%)
Avg. Incs3.9