William Bush



Started iRacing on old laptops way back in 2015 joined up in a league racing Kia's where i met some of the current NOMAD drivers.

Since then I've been back to consoles due to laptops not cutting it. Now i have a fully fledged gaming PC I'm back on iRacing and not looked back since.

I don't enjoy sprint races as one lap pace isn't my strongest suit, I prefer the endurance races where team work comes into play. That's where my consistency comes to the table.

Latest Results

Here's a few of the latest results William has achieved lately in official races:

Race TimeSeriesTrackStartFinishDifference
08/07/2019 20:00VRS GT Sprint SeriesWatkins Glen International321
07/07/2019 20:00VRS GT Sprint SeriesWatkins Glen International725
07/07/2019 17:00VRS GT Endurance SeriesWatkins Glen International34322



Wins17 (6%)
Top 5101 (33%)
Avg. Incs4.8