2022 Week 22 Roundup


3rd June 2022

NOMAD drivers started 31 races this week, including 25 official ones and 6 hosted.

This week the team turned a total of 351 laps, had their cumulative iRating change by 129 and gained -19 positions.

Here are some of the best relevant stats for the week:

Driver stats this week

Driver Starts iRating Positions Laps Wins Podiums
Liam P Doyle212016 (203)-15266810
Ayden Refaie32001 (-39)-6700
Jason Dilworth23771 (0)0000
Simon Underhill22586 (-17)12800
Matthew P Doyle13328 (0)0001
Tom Stanley12829 (0)0000
Tim Penny12688 (-18)15000

Hopefully we'll see you on track over the coming week!