Ryan Scott Hamilton



Paid series Honours.
WGTC Series 10 AM Champion.
RSRWS Season 3 AM Team Champion.
WSL Race Anywhere Porsche Cup AM Champion.
WSL Race Anywhere Porsche Cup Team Champion.

It all started for me back when I was around 6 or 7 watching F1 and distinctly associating Sunday roast with the sound of V10's. I was into gaming by that point but because we were poor all I ever played was what my friends had. But I guess my nature as a perfectionist was itched when I received my PS1 in Christmas 1998 and was bundled with some sports games, among which was Colin McRae Rally. I played it a lot, looking to go faster all the time. At this point anything racing that was on the beeb or any other channel I was watching. I even taped the early in the morning motorsport TV shows to watch them back. Then Gran Turismo 2 came along and that's when the love games, cars and racing exploded. It was like my "kids loving dinosaurs" moment. But these cars were real, they were here. I would study every detail of these cars, mod them and thanks to the licence system made me hunt for perfection in times, lines and overtaking.

Jump ahead to the Xbox 360 years I picked up Forza Motorsport 2, PGR 3 and pretty much any racing game that came out. I was dappling in minor sim racing on the pc with Race 07, Richard Burns Rally and NR2003. I joined some Americans in a time trial team to put unusual cars in the top places of leader boards. Most leader boards had the same car, we always wanted to do something different. We also raced each other and were super competitive but in a very nice atmosphere.

Unfortunately all this was done on controller. No wheel. By the time the PS4 was bought the 360 had been sold. I lost touch with the old team (although I still regularly stay in touch with the owner) I just gamed and raced by myself. I enjoyed F1 2010 and such but it was a very boring and lonely time as a guy who enjoyed racing. Then GT Sport hit and that's when I bought a wheel and since then I've been ramping up with gear, practicing and applying myself more to what I love doing.

Thanks to outside influences of the likes of Jimmy Broadbent, Southpaw Racer and Aiden Millward I saw people displaying their passions and had massive support in doing it. One of the highlights being watching Jimmer race the 24 hours of Le Mans. It was arround this time I went to look for a team to join and persue other interests such as D&D and fixing old consoles. I searched sim racing teams UK and NOMAD was the 2nd or 3rd? I can't remember but I applied, got into the team and then proceeded to just hang around in the background for 9 months while just enjoying the iRacing experience. 2019 was a great year as I attended WRX championship at Silverstone, WEC at Silverstone and WRC GB in Wales at the famous Sweet Lamb stage.

Unfortunately and fortunately this is where the story really begins. My Mum passed away on the 22nd of September 2020 due to cancer. Luckily I was with her in Majorca for a month before she went and we had lots of heart to hearts and one thing she kept reminding me was to just enjoy life, do what I want to do. When I got back obviously I wasn't looking to go back into racing. But there was a post in the NOMAD discord about a 12 hour charity race for Macmillan cancer support hosted by Twisted Racing's Harry Wills. After chatting to the stalwarts of the team who had to deal with cancer the very same year we all decided to enter. I treated this like my life depended on it. We had our families names on the car who we had lost. That race is something I'll never forget. After issues I jumped in the car with 8 hours 42 mins and 24 seconds to go, with the help of the team, my fiancée and with my Mum's name on the car I brought it home. It was at this point where I realised where I belong. I've never really thrown myself into something as hard since then. And my love for sim racing just keeps growing month by month.

I've been incredibly successful in the short time I've been around. I've become a more prominent team member and actively helping Jason with running the team and I'm learning so much more than just the stuff behind the wheel. It's like nostalgia but with a higher sense of this is where I belong, doing this.

And now Prestanda NOMAD will go forth, we have a clear direction, a clear philosophy and I will give everything for the team to put that name amongst the top on the iRacing service.

Ryan Scott Hamilton
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  • Starts 220
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  • Wins (NaN%) 20
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Recent Results

Race Time Series Track Finish
7/20/2024 12:00 PM 24 Hours of Spa Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps 22 ▲ 24
6/29/2024 04:00 PM GT Sprint Simucube Series Daytona International Speedway 16 ▲ 3
6/28/2024 12:00 PM GT Sprint Simucube Series Daytona International Speedway 12 ▲ 6
6/22/2024 08:15 PM Formula 1600 Rookie Sim-Motion Series - Fixed Okayama International Circuit 9 ▲ 2
6/8/2024 12:00 PM Majors 24 - Split 3 Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans 6 ▲ 1