Tim Penny



After a friends birthday party at a little indoor kart track at the age of 10, I was well and truly bitten by the motorsport bug. Repeated weekly visits to my local indoor track progressed to getting my own kart at 13 and starting to do owner driver racing. I was lucky enough to race with a well run team for most of my first (more on that later) karting career and was able to learn from some really good coaches and other drivers who where in the team: Jack Aitken and Ed Brand to name but two. I loved my karting for the 10 years I was able to do it, but sadly adult life and less time got in the way.

Merely watching racing wasn't quite enough to satisfy my racing itch, so I got my first wheel and rig (if you can call it that) and started to enjoy F1 games (a bit more than I could by using a pad) and GT Sport before getting a PC, a few upgrades to the rig and becoming involved with the world of iRacing.

Recently, I've also restarted karting. Whilst not to quite the same level as before, it's still just as fun and the accompanying hobby of making YouTube videos documenting each round of the Club100 series that I do has been an added bonus.

Tim Penny
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  • Starts 248
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  • Wins (NaN%) 17
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Recent Results

Race Time Series Track Finish
6/18/2024 07:45 PM Formula Vee SIMAGIC Series Okayama International Circuit 12
6/18/2024 07:15 PM INDYCAR Series - Fixed WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca 23 ▼ 10
6/18/2024 06:00 PM INDYCAR Series WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca 15 ▼ 8
6/11/2024 07:15 PM INDYCAR Series - Fixed Road America 18 ▼ 4
6/11/2024 06:00 PM INDYCAR Series Road America 18 ▼ 3